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Spilling the beans.

- Updates as of 10/29/2023 -

  • Shop will be on CLOSED from Friday, November 10th through Sunday, November 19th. Orders placed during this time period will be filled on or after Monday, November 20th. These dates are subject to change and this page will be updated accordingly.
  • Already placed Pre-Orders placed for Percy’s Camp Half-Blood Necklace and the Bleach-Dyed Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt are NOT affected by the shop closure and will be fulfilled according to the email schedule that was sent to you.

- Updates as of 5/18/2023 -

- Updates as of 3/26/2023 -

  • Redesigned the Percy Jackson Nail Decal Packs and added more stickers to the sheets. Shop the basic and mega packs now.


- Updates as of 2/7/2023-

  • Color combinations for most apparel have been reduced/revised to offer only the best-selling color combinations
  • Camp Half-Blood bracelets are available now. Limited quantity. Shop here.
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    - Updates as of 8/14/2022 -

    • Artwork is now being sold in a single listing. Purchase as a sticker, an art print, or bookmark (bookmark selection varies). Shop here.
    • The "Stickers" link will take you to products that are ONLY sold as stickers, like the circle shaped PJO Cabin stickers. Shop here.
    • On that note, the circle stickers are now organized by design type. There are 4 listings - Bean Co has 3 product listings organized by FANDOM - PJO, Avatar, Magic and the 4th listing is ALL the PJO Cabin stickers. Shop here.
    • Bean Co. Listings have been combined. Shop by FANDOM - Percy Jackson, Avatar, and "Magic". There are 9 listings total - 3 for classic-cut t-shirts, 3 for cropped tanks, and 3 for the matching stickers. Shop here.
    • Added a page for Sticker Application Instructions.
    • I added a review carousel to the homepage. Visit the FAQ page to read instructions on how to leave a review.
    • Updated the Shipping Policy.


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