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Spilling the beans.

- Updates as of March 14, 2024 -

  • You may have noticed the website is looking a little bare today. Lots of items are marked as "sold out". Due to some renovations in my home, I'm not able to make shirts or stickers at this time.
  • You can still order art prints and sample sale items.
  • Check Instagram for updates: @DisBeans
  • Questions? Send me an email: info@disbeans.com


- Updates as of January 11, 2024 -

- Updates as of May 18, 2023 -

- Updates as of March 26, 2023 -

  • Redesigned the Percy Jackson Nail Decal Packs and added more stickers to the sheets. Shop the basic and mega packs now.


- Updates as of February 7, 2023-

  • Color combinations for most apparel have been reduced/revised to offer only the best-selling color combinations
  • Camp Half-Blood bracelets are available now. Limited quantity. Shop here.
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    Questions? Send me an email: info@disbeans.com


    - Updates as of August 14, 2022 -

    • Artwork is now being sold in a single listing. Purchase as a sticker, an art print, or bookmark (bookmark selection varies). Shop here.
    • The "Stickers" link will take you to products that are ONLY sold as stickers, like the circle shaped PJO Cabin stickers. Shop here.
    • On that note, the circle stickers are now organized by design type. There are 4 listings - Bean Co has 3 product listings organized by FANDOM - PJO, Avatar, Magic and the 4th listing is ALL the PJO Cabin stickers. Shop here.
    • Bean Co. Listings have been combined. Shop by FANDOM - Percy Jackson, Avatar, and "Magic". There are 9 listings total - 3 for classic-cut t-shirts, 3 for cropped tanks, and 3 for the matching stickers. Shop here.
    • Added a page for Sticker Application Instructions.
    • I added a review carousel to the homepage. Visit the FAQ page to read instructions on how to leave a review.
    • Updated the Shipping Policy.


    If you find any bugs or inconveniences while browsing, PLEASE contact me. Thank you for your wonderful support, and happy shopping!

    Much love,

    Bri aka @DisneyBeans