Nail Decal Care/Application Instructions

If you have any questions about applying your new decals, please send me an email:

To apply:

  1. Make sure nails are painted and 100% dry before applying. I recommend applying 12-24 hours after painting
  2. Wash your hands and make sure your nails are clean (free of dirt, etc.)
  3. Visualize/align the placement of your decals before applying. Once the decal is stuck to the nail, it’s very difficult to move or replace and could damage your polish if you try to change the placement (the decals are made with a very strong sticker vinyl)
  4. Peel away the sticker from the backing. I recommend using a desk lamp or flashlight to clearly see the sticker lines, especially for detailed designs

Tools - you can use the safety pin included in your package, a fine tip tweezer, sewing needle, or any other fine point to separate the decal from the sheet & place on your nail

  1. Apply two (2) coats of clear top coat immediately after placing all your decals
  2. I recommend reapplying another clear top coat 1-2 days after applying the decals for extra protection

To remove:

  1. I recommend using 100% acetone nail polish remover
  2. Take a cotton ball or pad, dip in remover, and rub against nail
  3. You can also try peeling the design from the polish